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Tapes for White Goods Industry


Multi colored Holding tape mainly used to hold panels, drags plastic parts, grills, glass plates & variety of components in the fridge and other white goods appliances.
  • Temperature resistant residue free.
  • Clean removal even after a long period of storage.

PET based tape
  • Temperature resistant residue free.
  • Clean removal even after a long period of storage.
 DOOR HOLDING TAPE (Mono & Cross Filament Tape)

Polyester film with glass yarn
  • Heavy duty filament tapes.
  • Clean removal even after a long period of storage.
  • Recommended to hold heavy components like doors during transportation.

Air vent is a Non-Woven porous backing tape which allow permeability of high air/gases during foaming insulation process in home appliances.
  • Venting tape covers holes to prevent the PU foam from squeezing out during injection while still allowing air flow.

Double Sided polyester tape coated with strong synthetic rubber.
  • Water proof.
  • For Poly carbonate label.
  • Ideal product for washing machine control panel label.

The Product is used for protection of surface finishes from dirt, scratches and tool marks during handling, storage, forming and assembling.
  • Residue free filmic tape.
  • High clarity.
  • Low Tack.
  • Flexible.

Adhesive tape with open side Strong / Permanent adhesive and close side weak / low tack adhesive for residue free removal.
  • Removable stickers.
  • Labels.
  • Temporary signage.
  • Posters.
  • Danglers.
  • More variants are available.

  • LE-3100
  • LP-330:-With Liner(Economy grade)
  • L-330 :-Without LINER(Economy Grade)
  • LP-250:- Without Liner(Premium Grade)
  • LP-130:- With Liner (Medium Grade)

Aluminium tape is a specially tape is a specially tape designed for mounting of refrigeration coils & other similar type of applications -it's the RIGHT recommendation for holding of condenser / evaporator coils in the refrigerators.

  • FSK which stands for Foil Scrim Kraft is used as jacket facing for glass wool, rock wool,PU foam and other insulation to protect them against vapor moisture, in order to work more effectively.
  • Use for sealing FSK duct board.
  • Excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications.
  • Long lasting adhesion on clean/dry surfaces.
  • Full bond within 24 hours.
  • With release paper.
  • To seal joints in air conditioning industry requiring high strength.
  • Products Application:- HAVAC ducting purpose.

Crepe paper Masking tapes
  • For covering various holes before foaming.
  • Residue free and hand tear able.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • ROHS Compliance.

It is made SPVC film coated with a rubber based adhesive on one side. High elongation and excellent conformability for wire harness.

  • RoHS compliance
  • FR Grade

  • High temperature resistance PVC wire harness tape for cable wire harness industry with higher thickness.

Lane Marking Tape
  • Used for Safety Identification and Lane Marking for storage segmentation.
  • Good Resistance to chemical & other moving objects.
  • Available in various sizes & colors.

Polyethylene foam coated with modified Acrylic, adhesive on both the sides, protected with White/Red liner, mainly recommended for General purpose mounting applications
  • GI panels, MS Sheet, Aluminium Profile, Name Plate Fixing
  • Emblems Fixing
  • More variety of foam tapes available

Single sided tape which provides cushion against vibration and shock and is easily compressed and conformed
  • Elastomeric closed cell tape, Gasket Application.
  • Mainly used in filling the gaps in between two panels to hold the part.

Double sided foam tape used for fixing , mounting trims and emblems.
  • Recommended to bond many similar or dissimilar substrates.
  • Required length & widths are available.
  • U V resistant.

 Masking Tape

A premium and economical grade general purpose Masking Tape provides excellent Pressure Sensitive and quick qualities and resistance to water, solvents and oils.
 Duct Tape

This superior quality tape is commonly used in areas which require flexible, strong and very sticky tape. It is hand tearable tape.
 BOPP Tape

The BOPP tape is available in different colours. BOPP tape is used in carton box sealing
 Surface Protection Film

SPF films are used by the building industry to prevent scratching and marking during processing , assembling , transport and storage.
 Aluminium Tape

A soft silver aluminium foil combined with a high performance synthetic acrylic adhesive offering excellent temperature and environmental resistance. Ideal for holding and sealing.
 Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape is being widely used now days for Safety, Identification and lane Marking for storage segmentation. Ideal for ISO 9001, TS 16949 Companies, good resistance to chemical & other moving objects. Available in various sizes & colors.