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Face Shield

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AIPL face shield is a transparent barrier that covers the entire making it a great against Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other flu like disease. Made up of a transparent and lightweight layer covering face, held up to the face by an elastic forehead support, it is an easy to use protection for people that are in professions requiring interactions.

AIPL face shield offers complete face protection. Easy to use straight out of box, it provides clarity like no other and is an important tool for social distancing. Indispensable for medical professionals, it is also a very important component of PPE kit. Ready to be worn for long periods, AIPL Face shield comes with skin friendly and sweat absorbent properties without compromising on protection and durability making it one of the most comfortable face shields in the market. Easy to clean, store and reuse, AIPL face mask is the perfect tool in fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is suitable for Doctors, nurses and medical professionals, police, military and security personnel, NGO and NPO workers, Factory and workshop workers and employees, Banking and logistic professionals and store frontline professionals like grocery, medicine & Pharma, Departmental store, open markets and any other form of retail that requires social distancing to be integrated into their business.

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Key Features

  • Full face protection.
  • Skin friendly
  • Sweat Absorbent
  • Super clear
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Easy cleaning & Sterilisation
  • Suitable for use with glasses & mask
  • Superior elastic band
  • Ready Out of the box


  • Doctors, nurses, and other frontline healthcare workers in PPE kits
  • Police Officials and security staff
  • NGOs and organizations involved in support of food distribution
  • Factory Units & workshops
  • Banks, ATMs, and public dealing Offices
  • Medical pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Departmental stores, open markets
  • Any job requiring close contact and protection against Coronavirus COVID-19


  • Sheet Thickness - 350microns
  • Size - 9" x 13"


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