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AIPL Automotive tapes are your one stop solution to all things that your 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler would ever need. We specialize in total tape solutions for Automotive Industry. Die-cuts, paint masking tapes, surface protection tapes, you ask for your need and we have it. Our tapes are known for their quality and high adhesive, tensile and ageing strength. With their ease in use, we make life easier for you.


  • Crepe Paper based Masking Tapes
  • General Purpose Masking Tapes.
  • High Temperature Resistant grades in 95°C, 110°C, 160°C & 180°C
  • Suitable for oven baking.

  • Masking tapes for body underseal protection
  • To cover specific body areas that should stay free of sealants, wax, paints etc.

  • Fine line masking tapes
  • Available in PVC film base for design, painting and bumper applications.

  • Shines, Protects & Renews Paint Color
  • Long Lasting High Gloss Shine
  • Restores and Protects Painted Surfaces
  • Easy to Apply and Wipe off
  • With UV Protection

  • Various kind of surface protection tape are available for carpet protection, plastic parts protection .
  • Tapes are made of various material like LD, LDPE, HD, HDPE.
  • 100% residue free adhesive system.
  • Save cost on finishing car at dealer's end.
  • Easy to remove, No residue while removing.

Developed for serial production, it provides maximum performance. This product has high aggressiveness. A soft, smooth, deep is wavy and thick wool layer. Original parts production enables a single polishing step.

It is suitable for use in automotive industries concerning OEM, in OEM painting over metal, in OEM plastic applications, hood, in yacht - gelcoat applications, in narrow curved fields of high gloss painting systems.

  • For wet & dry sanding of paints and primer surface
  • Painted metal and wood
  • Plastic Materials
  • SLacquers, Fillers
  • Mechanical components and precision instruments

  • Special Heavy Paper Backing
  • Strong Bond
  • Less Loading

  • Premium Aloxide Grains, Cuts Faster and Lasts Longer.
  • Heavy Paper Backing – Fray Resistant
  • Uniform Coating for Scratch Free Finish
  • Low Clogging and Consistent Cutting
  • Ideal for Finishing of Wood, Metal and Stone surface

  • Automotive Re Finishing – Surface Preparation of Primer & Painted Surfaces
  • Metal Fabrication – Surface Finishing


Die cut masks are pre-cut adhesive shapes that can be removed from the roll and stuck on the part. They can be manufactured from the same types of tape that you are using now and can be supplied in a format and quantity to suit your production needs.

Die cut masks will reduce your overall masking time and bring consistency to your painted products.

Unique combination of Fine Line/Masking Tape and Paper/Film Roll which can help you perform 2 tone job for large area to perfection. Our products can perform from 50 degree – 160 degree Oven Temperature for 1-1.5 hours.

  • No residue transfer on removal of the tape from the substrate that is metal/plastic.
  • Gives you perfect lining on the paint.
  • Ease of application
  • Cost effective

Two Tone Job for Metal Body/Shell of the Car

Add wings to paint by applying our Customized Masking Solutions for 2 tone painting jobs for 2 wheeler Industry. Give Attractive and eye catching new paint styling.

  • Solvent Resistant Product.
  • Works well at PT zone.
  • No Tear of Paper/De masking of tape from paper.
  • No residue transfer on removal of the tape from the substrate that is metal/plastic.
  • Gives you perfect lining on the paint.
  • Ease of application
  • Time saving exercise & cost effective.


Ajit Industries Private Limited is one of the flagship companies in the country engaged in manufacturing of "PRESSURE SENSITIVE SELF ADHESIVE INDUSTRIAL TAPES". Year back 1998, The Company was incorporated at Delhi by the promoters having several years experience in the field of various types of Self Adhesive Industrial Tapes.

The company is equipped with a "State of the Art" manufacturing facilities at its plants located near Delhi at Kharkhoda in Distt. Sonepat (Haryana), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and Special economy zone Chennai for exports.


  • PVC Insulating Tapes in various colours.
  • Prot PVC Sheets » Die-Cuts.
  • Double Side Tapes.
  • Joint Tape in blue, black color available.
  • Cloth Base Tape for Engine Compartment.
  • Fleece Tape
  • Flame Retardant Tapes.
  • High Temperature Resistant PVC Tapes.
  • REACH Compliant Tapes.

  • Various double side & single side foam, PU foam, EVA foam, Nitrile foam, EPDM various thickness & other substrate available in die cuts.
  • As per specific design, drawing various types of die-cuts can be supplied.
 VACRYLIC FOAM TAPES - For Emblems & Body Side Mouldings

Mounted trims, emblems & body side moldings are fixed with high performance adhesive tapes & die-cut. Various grades of acrylic foam tapes & PE foam tapes & their die-cuts are available in various thicknesses.

  • Thickness : 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
  • Colours : Clear, Grey, Black and White.
  • Width : As per requirement.

AIPL SUNSUI D/S tapes are widely accepted for various foams & felts laminations. It is used for noise reduction & for vibration controlling in the automobile industries.

Foam (EPDM Foam / PU Foam / Nitrile Rubber Foam / PE Foam / XPE Foam / Polyester Foam / EVA Foam / PP Foam.) Felt and Non Woven Fabric Parts with or without self adhesive coating (release covered). Release liner is removed at the customer’s end and cushion is stuck to the part which is to be assembled to some other part.

  • Foam Lamination
  • Felt Lamination
  • Die Cut Parts
  • Various grades of double side tapes available