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AIPL Automotive tapes are your one stop solution to all things that your 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler would ever need. We specialize in total tape solutions for Automotive Industry. Die-cuts, paint masking tapes, surface protection tapes, you ask for your need and we have it. Our tapes are known for their quality and high adhesive, tensile and ageing strength. With their ease in use, we make life easier for you.


Low light poor Visibility is no more a problem when you have the most power protection to your rescue, the AIPL CONSPICUITY TAPES. AIPL Conspicuity Tape facilitates the reflection of the incoming light back to the light source. This tape is used on vehicles to make them more visible in dim light, dull visibility and during the night time. It is not wrong to say that reflective tapes are those unsung safety heroes that quietly help to create a safer environment for everybody.

What Makes AIPL Conspicuity Tapes Distinct?
  • Satisfy both Horizontal and Vertical Orientation as per AIS 090 standard
  • Prismatic film next generation product
  • High reflectivity/visibility
  • Excellent daytime brightness
  • Vivid color High UV stability
  • Lamination/sealing on the tape to resist scratch marks
  • More thicker tape 420 micron(min.)
  • 4 layer tape, Long durability, Excellent workability

  • PVC Insulating Tapes in various colours.
  • Prot PVC Sheets » Die-Cuts.
  • Double Side Tapes.
  • Joint Tape in blue, black color available.
  • Cloth Base Tape for Engine Compartment.
  • Fleece Tape
  • Flame Retardant Tapes.
  • High Temperature Resistant PVC Tapes.
  • ROHS Compliant Tapes.

  • Various double side & single side foam, PU foam, EVA foam, Nitrile foam, EPDM various thickness & other substrate available in die cuts.
  • As per specific design, drawing various types of die-cuts can be supplied.

Reduction of multiple screwing & riveting on the roofs between GI panels & MS Sheets. Get rid of shabby look Coming out from denting marks.

  • The old conventional method of multiple screwing & riveting on the roofs between GI Panels & MS Sheets used to give a shabby look & in this process denting marks quiet common. So to get rid off all the problems a special foam tape have been identified as the problem solver for Body Building Industries.
  • Various types of foam Tapes & double sided tapes available.

AIPL SUNSUI D/S tapes are widely accepted for various foams & felts laminations. It is used for noise reduction & for vibration controlling in the automobile industries.

Foam (EPDM Foam / PU Foam / Nitrile Rubber Foam / PE Foam / XPE Foam / Polyester Foam / EVA Foam / PP Foam.) Felt and Non Woven Fabric Parts with or without self adhesive coating (release covered). Release liner is removed at the customer’s end and cushion is stuck to the part which is to be assembled to some other part.
  • Foam Lamination
  • Felt Lamination
  • Die Cut Parts
  • Various grades of double side tapes available
 ACRYLIC FOAM TAPES (For Emblems & Body Side Mouldings)

Mounted trims, emblems & body side moldings are fixed with high performance adhesive tapes & die-cut. Various grades of acrylic foam tapes & PE foam tapes & their die-cuts are available in various thicknesses.
  • Thickness : 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
  • Colours : Clear, Grey, Black and White.
  • Width : As per requirement.
Rolls and die cut options available.

  • No Residue after removal.
  • Crepe Paper based Masking Tapes
  • General Purpose Masking Tapes.
  • High Temperature Resistant grades in 95°C, 110°C, 160°C & 180°C
  • Suitable for oven baking.
  • Masking tapes for body underseal protection
  • To cover specific body areas that should stay free of sealants, wax, paints etc.
  • Fine line masking tapes
  • Available in PVC film base for design, painting and bumper applications.

  • Various kind of surface protection tape are available for carpet protection, plastic parts protection
  • Tapes are made of various material like LD, LDPE, HD, HDPE
  • 100% residue free adhesive system
  • Save cost on nishing car at dealer's end
  • Easy to remove, No residue while removing.

Double side foam/cloth tapes for fixing of mirrors in the wing mirror.

The wing mirror need to maintain their functionality at all time & as a result, the adhesive tape system for bonding of the mirror to the housing has to comply with vary stringent performance criteria.

Variety of products including tapes and die-cuts from the basket of Sunsui are recommended for Wing Mirror bonding application for the perfect choice of today’s automotive industries.

Abrasion and "snagging" resistant
  • Excellent impact and scuff resistance
  • Excellent initial tack, high holding power, yet it removes clean from surfaces.
  • Sunsui Floor Marking Tape is available in various vibrant colors
  • Sunsui stocks in variety of widths & lengths.
  • Colour-coding of equipment and devices.
  • Safety-coding indicating potentially hazardous areas
  • Bundling parts together for transportation and storage

 Holding Tape

Specially Designed tape for stain and adhesive tranfer resistant. Used for temporary holding of doors, frames, glass, etc.
 D/S Polyester Tape

Self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a modified acrylic adhesive with transparent salmon pink colour PE liner. Excellent resistance to demanding environmental.
 BOPP Tape

BOPP Tapes adhesive tapes are made from superior quality adhesive, which provides high tack and adhesion strength required for sealing of cartons to make them pilfer proof.