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Aluminium Tapes

  • For general purpose seaming, patching and sealing
  • Highly suitable for sealing off air conditioning and cool/warm and flow ducting
  • For sealing joints in ducting providing a flame retardant & vapor-proof barrier
  • Excellent adhesion on dry/clean surfaces on metal and other surface
  • These foils tapes can be applied for both high temperature/low temperature
  • Sizes available in 25mm/50mm/75mm/100mm in width to customized length
  • Available in with liner and without liner
  • Available from 25 micron,30 micron, 40 micron, 50 micron and 100 micron thickness
  • Product Application:- HVAC duct wrap, protective masking and electroplating

  • FSK which stands for Foil Scrim Kraft is used as jacket facing for glass wool, rock wool, PU foam and other insulation to protect them against vapor moisture, in order to work more effectively.
  • Use for sealing FSK duct board.
  • Excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications.
  • Long lasting adhesion on clean/dry surfaces.
  • Full bond within 24 hours.
  • With release paper.
  • To seal joints in air conditioning industry requiring high strength.
  • Products Application: - HVAC ducting purpose.